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A Home Owner's Perspective

Like many other families experiencing moisture related issues, the Neitzke's discovered their situation was beginning to cause interior damage.

"The 30 year warranty gave us great peace of mind"

A Realtor's Perspective

Hear from Realtor Mike Chappell about the issues buyers and sellers face when issues are reported in the Home Inspection Report.

"To have an affordabe option...could solve so many problems"


Great Questions!


"If the moisture content is high, will this help lower it?" A: Yes! Watson Seal™ Crawl Space Framing  and Subfloor Sealer has a "Perm-Rate" once installed and dry, that allows the wood to "dry out" to acceptable levels while protecting it from moisture and the harsh, humid environmental conditions in the crawl space.

"My house is 22 years old and I have some of the damage you talk about. Can this still help me?" A: YES! As long as your wood framing is not rotten, we can install and protect. Your rep will determine any issues or additional steps needed to install or factors that may prevent installation.

"What are V.O.C.'s?" A: V.O.C.'s are "Volatile Organic Compounds" commonly found in many household items like paint, cleansers, dry-cleaning, some plastics, etc. Here's how the EPA describes V.O.C.'s-

"Why can't I buy it and install it myself?" A: Warranty. We back our product with a fully transferrable, 30 Year Damage and Limited Lifetime Flooding Manufacturer’s Warranty. To do that, we must ensure proper coverage and install the sealer to the entire floor framing system. Our Authorized Distributors are licensed and insured, established local companies, professionally trained and experienced in working in crawl space environments. 

"I plan to sell my home sometime in the near future. Would this help?" A: Absolutely! Obviously, we can't make any guarantees, but many homeowners focus their attention on the interior and curb appeal when preparing to list their home for sale, and usually never bother with the crawl space. Issues are usually raised by the potential buyer's home inspection and sellers can be caught off guard. Being pro-active can lead to fewer surprises. A “Watson Seal™ Crawl Space Framing & Subfloor Sealed home let's buyers know the framing system has been protected. The sooner homeowners or investors Watson Seal™ the framing, the less structural issues arising from moisture can occur down the road.

The Neitzke's Moisture Content Readings dropped from 19.3% to 11.1% in 7 days. Home built in 2004

The Neitzke's Moisture Content Readings dropped from 19.3% to 11.1% in 7 days. Home built in 2004