Eliminate Vapor Transfer

The Ultimate Polymer Vapor Barrier

Since their inception, all basements face an age old problem-moisture. Moisture in two forms, liquid and vapor. As the foundation walls are below grade, the active wedge created around basement foundation walls creates an easy way for rain water to infiltrate the disturbed ground and wreak havoc. Water will always take the path of least resistance, finding its way though the foundation wall, usually at or near where the foundation wall and slab floor meet, thus a "leaky" basement. 

The other problem is vapor, which potentially is even a more destructive threat than ground water seepage. As the ground water fills the active wedge, the concrete block or poured concrete foundation walls soak up the water like a sponge and transfer that moisture to the interior of the basement. This is known as "wicking" or "capillary action". That moisture eventually and continuously is transferred into the interior space as vapor, increasing the interior's humidity to extreme levels. The same situation exists with the crawl space.  

This extreme situation causes lumber, joists and subflooring to absorb excessive levels of moisture, leading to sag, cupp, mold and fungus and deterioration and rot, not to mention HVAC system overload and improper cycling or constant running, including dehumidifiers.

MaxxBarrier™ delivers the ULTIMATE and most ADVANCED polymer vapor barrier for concrete slabs and concrete block or poured crawl space or basement foundation walls


Big Time Benefits


MaxxBarrier™ creates a physical polymer barrier that exceeds ASTM guidelines for permeation, thus the ELIMINATION of over 97% of moisture pass thru and backed by our 20 Year Interior / 10 Year Exterior Warranty. While dehumidifiers, if needed at all, will actually cycle less and create a much more comfortable, healthy and enjoyable space with less electrical demand. 

MaxxBarrier™ inhibits and resists mold and fungus (ASTM D3273), is FDA and USDA compliant and is FEMA Flood Grade. Along with MaxxBarrier's waterproofing* aspects,  it's adhesion, control of efflorescence or limeouts, potential increased PSI for new-pour curing-range being 5% and up, traffic resistance for residential use, and the flexibility to paint over or finish the space with drywall make MaxxBarrier™ the smart and economical choice.

MaxxBarrier™ is the perfect compliment with LumberKote™ for a complete and permanent solution to moisture issues in crawl space and basement homes and are installed by our experienced Certified Dealers.

*Waterproofing guidelines= 2 coats