The LumberKote Install Process

Location: Tuscumbia, AL

Year Built: 2005 - 13 Years

Crawl Space SF: 1650

Covered SF: 3300

LumberKote 5 Gallon Units Used: 1.5

Dealer/Installer: Southern Crawl Space  HSV, AL

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Install & Dry Time

Install & Dry Time


 We recommend a Graco 695 Standard electric air-less sprayer. This unit will operate 2 guns simultaneously. Recommended spray tip is a Graco 313 which is a 6" fan. You can use any spray equipment you want, but the 

Graco 695 will simultaneously operate 2 guns and is easy to operate, clean and built to last. 100' line(s) and 4 guns with filters ensure reach and back up for daily multiple jobs. Sherwin Williams usually stocks these units, tips and parts and the appx unit cost is $2,500. You will need a few extra items to set the rig up for 2 gun operation.We will provide a complete purchase list upon request. Here's a link to Graco's Operation and Clean Up Videos. 

A small fan set up to circulate airflow in the crawl space keeps technicians working in Tyvek suits cool and prevents formation of overspray clouds when install days are calm. Always obey OSHA, Federal, State and Local guidelines.

Install & Dry Time

Install & Dry Time

Install & Dry Time


An average 2,000 square foot crawl space should take a crew of 2 appx 3-5 hours to install. *Note-Actual lumber to be coated is twice the actual crawl space square footage. Example: 2,000 sf measured = 4,000 sf coated, thus just less than 2 LumberKote 5 gallon units coat the space.

There's many ways our dealers estimate and price their install. Let's talk directly about the options. 

Dry time is 1 hour or less, so production crews can continue installing drainage, floor supports or other portions of the project without delay. LumberKote cut a days off production time (vs. encapsulation) and can be installed quickly ahead of other tasks on your customer's project when production schedules are weeks or months out.

Warranty Issuance

Warranty Issuance

Warranty Issuance


WS Dealers add our warranty language to their existing quote software and issue warranty in the contract. A manual copy of Warranty for those without adequate company software can be provided upon request.

Upon request or a claim notification, Certified Dealers will provide a copy of each LumberKote contract for our records and insurance. Watson Seal covers Warranty Claims, WS Dealers must investigate and report any claims made to WS HQ.

Warranty Issuance

Warranty Issuance


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We'll promptly contact you to discuss the opportunity, requirements and standards of becoming a Certified Dealer.

Graco 695 Clean Out

Equipment break down after LumberKote install

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