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The lumber supporting your home can be exposed to extreme conditions that create numerous issues for home owners. These issues are merely the symptoms of the real problem-moisture.  

What is LumberKote™?

First, its ‘outside the box thinking’. No need for heavy pesticide chemicals, VOC vapors that are harmful, no repeat treatments that make the matter worse and cost more money. No thin plastic barriers that don't do the job of protection from humidity and deteriorate over time, become flood damaged, or do nothing to protect the wood joists from moisture damage.


Immediate Damage Control & Protection

A better, more advanced method now exists. A method that protects the entire floor framing system including joists, subflooring, girder beams, sill plate and rim band directly and controls automatically the correct moisture balance for wood to achieve strength, resist environmental issues and control warp, deflection, deterioration and rot of joists and subfloor materials that make up your home's structural floor and wall framing systems.

Using long-chain polymer technology, the permeation of moisture and organic food source (wood) is protected by a high adhesion coating that was designed over 20+ years ago. This coating has been tried, and applied by tens of thousands of customers, reviewed by chemists, independent testing for factual content, and real-world extreme testing during the early stages of its existence. Reviewed by insurance companies for coverage, scientists for non-toxicity, leaching, mold growth potential, absorption rates for moisture as well as adhesion, the invention of LumberKote™ stands alone as a proven, modern method of protecting your home and a great addition to or alternative option to crawl space encapsulation and replaces harsh, toxic chemicals in mold and fungus mitigation.

*In 2009, an investor group ran due diligence testing prior to investing. The group hired a well respected environmental group in California. Testing involved ASTM Guidelines for toxicity, leaching of the coating using treated lumber, marine toxicity and mold. Testing concluded and verified non-toxicity of the product. no leaching and no mold growth under or on top of the coating.

In 2019, Pre and Post Certified Mold Inspection and Testing, required by Florida law, in conjunction with restoration efforts by licensed contractors of structures damaged by Hurricane Michael in the panhandle region (Mexico Beach), the Watson Seal LumberKotesealed structures have passed all inspections and post testing with impeccable results, rarely seen this dramatic in the industry. 


Actual Moisture Content meter readings show that common visqueen or polyethylene plastic on the ground, poured concrete and pack-filled dirt or other expensive methods do not work as well as LumberKote™ and show failure to regulate Moisture Content causing weaker wood strength, subfloor warping and deflecting or sagging joists.

Not only does LumberKote™ work without heavy chemicals and pesticides, or unreliable plastic sheeting, LumberKote™ is applied directly to the wood, does not rub off, or get diluted with water, or damaged by workers and pets who may enter the area under the home, LumberKote™ is rated by the Manufacturer and exceeds FEMA requirements for a Flood-Zone product.

LumberKote™ is designed to remain in place for the lifespan of the structure,  is backed by Independent Product Insurance and features the first and only 30-Year/Lifetime Flood Warranty. No other method comes close in benefits as well as cost. LumberKote™ does not strengthen rotted wood or seal open cracked masonry and settling foundation issues, these of course need replacing and repair prior to application.

Applied in about half the time as traditional methods, proven results that can actually be seen, insurability, longevity, and resistance against future damage, LumberKote™ stands as the new leader of choice over old and past methods of environmental control, chemical control and pesticides.

LumberKote™ is translucent and allows for continued inspection for termite bonds without fear of older methods accidentally covering these valuable inspection areas and is non-corrosive to other materials such as pipes and HVAC lines or insulation, PVC plumbing,  PEX or electrical wiring and metal hardware. It' safe for your family, including pets, the environment and there's no need to leave your home during install.

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Typically, readings of more than 15% Moisture Content (absorption), season after season, can weaken structural lumber,  leading to deterioration, wood destroying organisms and interior damage costing tens of thousands to repair.

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