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The lumber supporting your home can be exposed to extreme conditions that create numerous issues for home owners. These issues are merely the symptoms of the real problem-moisture. The most damaging result of high moisture content is wood destroying mold and fungus.  

Watson Seal® LumberKote™ CS (Crawl Space) is specifically designed to coat the entire floor framing system including floor joists, subflooring, rim band, sill plate and girder beams, creating an in-organic polymer micro-film barrier that provides superior protection from damage caused by wood destroying mold and fungus, rapid water uptake, lumber deterioration and rot. LumberKote™ is installed without the need for harsh, toxic fungal pre-treatments and inhibits the growth of existing mold and fungus while protecting from future growth attacking the lumber. adding years of life to your floor framing system and is backed by a fully transferable, 30 Year Damage/up to $5,000 in Lumber Replacement and Lifetime Flooding Manufacturer’s Warranty.   

Watson Seal® LumberKote™ CC (Complete Construction)  is specifically designed to coat the entire home's framing system top-to-bottom including roof decking, attic framing & trusses, interior framing, floor joists, subflooring, rim band, sill plate and girder beams. The simple difference of added heat tolerance for sealing roof decking, engineered to withstand extreme temperatures in excess of 200° makes LumberKote™ CC the BEST choice for builders, remodelers, restoration and roofing companies and their customers. LumberKote™ CC is backed by a fully transferable, 30 Year Damage/$5,000 Lumber Replacement (Including Roof Leaks) and Lifetime Flooding Manufacturer’s Warranty. Essential Protection in hurricane prone/storm damaged area


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